Oh…Its Christmas!

    Traditionally the season of Advent marks the beginning of the Christmas season, as per the catholic calendar. As the church starts preparations with liturgical reflections, depending on the geographical locations and conditions people prepare themselves for Christmas with various traditions like Cake Mixing, Preparing the Christmas Goodies, etc. The Supermarkets and furnishing stores gear up with Christmas Home furnishings and Decorations. In fact, in the recent past, the Christmas markets open in the mid of October. 

 Theme : Christmas furnishings sell on color themes. Christmas colors are Pine green, Snow-white, and heart Red. Blue, pink, and white are often used to represent winter, which occurs around the same time. Gold and silver are also very common, in the recent past Grey and other bold colors are also used in making the Furnishings to match the interiors of a house.  

  Typical images on Christmas decorations include Baby Jesus, Star of Bethlehem, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, and Crib. In the Modern day’s trend of Christmas Home furnishings is picking up big time.  Made-ups like Bed Linen, Bath Linen (Hand towels & Kitchen Towels), Mittens, Aprons, Throws like cushion cases and Pillowcases, Table Linen (table covers, Table Mats and Runners), Door Mats and Carpets, Bags and place mats are very much in demand. Indian Markets can be benefitted if we capitalize on the seasonal business with proper planning and Marketing.  

  In many countries, such as Sweden, people start to set up their Advent and Christmas decorations on the first day of advent. The First 4 Sundays before Christmas Church prepares with Liturgical reflections, In many countries, Church uses Candles and Wreaths with the significance of each Sunday. 

  The first Christmas Tree was used by German Lutherans in the 16th century, with records indicating that a Christmas tree was placed in the year 1539 at the Cathedral of Strasburg. It’s a common view to see a star on the top of the Christmas tree symbolizing the star of Bethlehem. During our childhood, we use to Decorate Trees with available decorations like Balloons, Ribbons, and Greeting cards which are sent by friends and relatives. In Mangalore we use to cut the branch of Pine tree and erect it with decorations.

Traditional Christmas decoration is still in trend with modern look. Wreaths made from real or artificial Conifer branches, or sometimes other evergreen broad leafs. Popular Christmas decorations which are found mostly are Jingle Bells, Candles, cherries, Lampposts, light fixtures, miniature lights, Glittered decorations and Ribbons 

Poinsettia a native flower plant of Mexico has been associated with Christmas. Images of Poinsettia flowers are popularly seen printed on fabrics and Christmas home furnishings. We at Home shop have witnessed high demand for such prints. Along with Poinsettia Prints images of Tree, Santa Bags, Snowman, Red Cherry, Green Leaves, Stars, Polka dots, Gift Box images are also in demand. We at Home shop put our efforts in designing the Christmas Home furnishings from 100% cotton fabric of Export grade. Home Furnishings Like Christmas Bed sheets, Christmas Table Covers & Table Mats, Aprons, Kitchen Towels have seen a big leap in the recent past. We also make Christmas Cushion covers, curtains, Table Covers and Table mats with Digital Prints. Present time technology has given a boost for made ups with digital prints. 

How best you can Decorate your sweet home? 

  1. Choose red, green and white as your theme. This can be done with a few green garlands and wreaths, red and white stockings and cushions. Wall hangings and Dry leaves with Red Cherries is also a great combination. Try the unconventional decorating idea with a mix of black, white, grey, aged wood with a touch of green (Christmas tree, wreath or garland). Even though we at Home shop don’t sell much of decorations you can buy them from other stores which have a good collection. 
  2. Keep it green by using lush green garland frames around the main door of the house. We at Home shop sell handmade Wreathes and small table trees. You can even use fairy lights that will add beauty to the entryway. 
  3.  For a unique holiday decor go with a wooden snowman on the entryway along with a Christmas tree. Give an organic touch to your entryway this Christmas by using the pinecone wreath with a white ribbon. Glitters with Red shade on green leaves is all time best pick
  4. Dress up the main door of your house with a beautiful Poinsettia garland along with its green leaves. If you have Stand alone or Antique pieces as your collections you can decorate them with Ribbons, Dry Leaves, Red Flowers and Cherry’s
  5. Throws and Cushions are the present trends with Christmas themes. We at Home shop make some of the best cushions. Sourcing from export houses we sell Cotton Cushion covers and embroidered furnishings. We design home furnishings and make it ready for the season using some of the trendy and best prints. Cushions and covers are made in various sizes 12”, 14”, 16” and 20” are in trend. Long cushions emerged as modern trend. Earlier we use to see the long cushions or Bolsters only on divan sets, modern designers throw them on sofas and cots as well. Popular sizes are 30” x 12”  or 48”  x 12”  and 20” x 12” these Cushions and throws goes well on  Sofas. We prefer to craft the Cushion with Embroidered work which elevates the beauty of the décor and enhances Christmas mood. It’s trendy to throw on cots as well. At Home shop you will find some of the best cushions and covers.
  6. You can also follow a golden theme for your entryway. Use golden Christmas tree, wreath with fairy lights and some Christmas themed cushions. 
  7. Go multi-colored with Christmas season. Use the evergreen garland and decorate it with colorful galaxy ornaments. A colorful wreath hanging on the main door of the house will look cheerful.
  8. Curtains and drapes, We at Home shop sell readymade Christmas Curtains. Made of Cotton prints and Digital Prints. Since the season of Christmas lasts for a month heave work on Curtains or Embroidered curtains are not sold in big way. Cost and making pinches the Costumer, hence Cotton Prints and digital prints are in trend. Christmas theme Curtains can really enhance the beauty of your Room. You can also choose the Theme and select the Bed sheets which will give a cozy look.
  9.    Bed sheets Cushions and Bed Runners are very popular when it comes to the Décor. Christmas theme Bed linen is loved by all and sold in highest quantity. We sell some of the best Christmas Bed sheets. You can select Blue for Boys Room, Red or floral theme for Girls room. Other prints can blend Master bed Room or guest Rooms.
  10. Mittens, Aprons, Kitchen Towels, Table Mats and Runners, Bread Baskets can elevate the joy of Baking and cooking during the season of Christmas. At Home shop we sell best Quality table Linen and kitchen linen. During the season of Christmas we witness lot of Visitors and relatives visiting our homes. Its not just the living room which require a Christmas touch even the Kitchen and dining hall play a integral part of our celebration. Hence we make sure all these items are on shelf for your pick.

Message of Christ Jesus begins from his birth. World around celebrates with lot of pomp, with traditional touch. Without a touch of Home Décor Christmas remains dull. As we share, care and dance to the Christmas Polka let us give a Christmas touch to our sweet home and Welcome the new year.

Merry Christmas..

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